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Event: What Caused the Mayan Civilization to Die?, 1/10/2013

Event: What Caused the Mayan Civilization to Die?
Series: UCDEA/UCDRA Noon Talk
Speaker: Bruce Winterhalder / Martha Macri - Anthropology / Native American Studies and Linguistics
Description: The Maya Empire, which included several vast city-states in the region of what is now Guatemala, Mexico, Belize, and Honduras, was once a very advanced society with highly-developed agriculture, architecture, art, and mathematical and astronomical systems. The empire reached its pinnacle around 800 AD, but only 100 years later, all of the cities were mysteriously abandoned. What caused this sudden and dramatic decline? Their puzzling, beautiful hieroglyphs tell the story. UC Davis professors Bruce Winterhalder (Anthropology) and Martha Marci (Native American Studies and Linguistics) will present a captivating talk that illustrates the impact of weather on the demise of this once-powerful society, and the key part that linguistics played in illuminating this mystery.

This talk is sponsored by the UC Davis Emeriti Association (UCDEA) and the UC Davis Retirees Association (UCDRA), represent UC Davis retirees and provide programs and services for their members. The talk is open to the public and no pre-registration is required. Bring your own lunch; coffee, tea, and cookies are provided.

Starting date: 1/10/2013      Ending date:   1/10/2013
Starting time: 11:30 AM      Ending time:   1:00 PM
Event type: Lecture
Location: Alumni Center, AGR Hall
Sponsored by: UC Davis Retiree Center
Cost: No Cost
Event Website: http://retireecenter.ucdavis.edu

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Contact name: Marjorie Ahl
Contact e-mail: mahl@ucdavis.edu
Contact phone: (530) 752-5182