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Event: Sustainability Walk, 4/22/2013

Event: Sustainability Walk
Series: Wellness Challenge
Speaker: Camille Kirk, Assistant Director - Environmental Sustainability and Stewardship
Description: UC Davis is the first University of California campus to win the title of the nation's #1 "Cool School." The Sierra Club singled us out for our breadth of sustainability accomplishments. On Earth Day, take a lunchtime walk with Camille Kirk, assistant director of sustainability for UC Davis, and learn more about what makes UC Davis so environmentally cool. We'll provide maps and follow part of the walking tour on the campus sustainability tour map: http://www.sustainability.ucdavis.edu/local_resources/docs/sustainability_tour_map_pdf
Starting date: 4/22/2013      Ending date:   4/22/2013
Starting time: 12:00 PM      Ending time:   1:00 PM
Event type: Sports
Location: Outside, north steps of Mrak Hall
Sponsored by: Wellness Challenge Committee
Environmental Sustainability and Stewardship
Cost: Free
Event Website: http://wellnesschallenge.ucdavis.edu/

Contact if questions about this event:

Contact name: Sandy Batchelor
Contact e-mail: worklife@ucdavis.edu